Return to writing

In June, I moved back to the US.

Only eight words in that sentence, but months of work buried in there. Getting a new job, finding an apartment, and near-endless shopping for clothes, furniture, computers, towels, toilet paper, and every other thing that I need to re-integrate as a functioning member of American Society.

My life has, once again, settled into a rhythm that leaves enough time and energy to do something creative.

Before moving, I finished a short story (10,500 words) in the same universe as my other post-cyberpunk short stories. But, I’m not happy with it. There are flaws that need fixing, and a longer tale to tell.

So, I’m tearing the story down to its foundation and building a new – better – story out of the main idea.

This will probably take several months. But I will be posting here during that time. As I work on the new story, I’ll post some writing exercises here. Just like in the gym, there are skills I want to improve, and I need to work on them. This site is my “writing gym”, where you’ll be able to watch my “workouts”.